Tuesday, September 1, 2015


As we head into fall I always get excited. This is the time of year I review all my goals and start making new ones. I also LOVE the back to school sales and stock up on paper, pencils, markers, folders, etc. And I get a new planner! (I have a small obsession to my planner.)

I set 18 overall goals for 2015 and as of today I have completed ten of them. There's a couple more that may still get done by December 31st.

I set 7 craft goals and I have been able to work on or complete five of them. I feel that this counts as a success.

Another thing I do in the fall is follow the Holiday Grand Plan. Week 1 started August 31st. It's list week....and I love lists! LOL. The lists I will be working on this week are: gifts/cards, visits/parties, menus/baking/freeze ahead meals and my holiday grocery list. I will also start my 2016 goal lists. I have followed this plan since about 1997 and it definitely helped keep my sanity many years when the kids were young. Several things have changed in our life over the years and I have adapted it many times to fit our needs. But the basic program has always been the same.

September's Craft Goals:
1. Finish page 1 of Letting Go.
2. Complete at least 2 smalls.
3. Add 5 rows a week to my blanket.
4. Finish the summer section of Four Seasons Birds.

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