Monday, August 31, 2015

August progress report

August wasn't a very productive stitching month, but I did manage a little bit.

My HAED, Letting Go, is moving forward very slowly.
July 30th.......
August 30th......

I finished the blue butterfly card (shown in a previous post) and I'm almost done with this bunny card. Just finishing up the backstitching today so I guess it  will count as a finish later today.
August 24th....
August 30th.....
***5:25 pm update***
I finished the backstitching.


  1. Aww adorable bunny. Nice progress!

  2. What a cute bunny! Love the soft colours in this pretty design.
    Your HAED will come along if you keep going bit by bit...says me who has 4 started and not touched them for months!