Monday, June 1, 2015

May Review

1. HAED.
All the frogging is done! I also filled in the bottom and I'm ready to restitch the top.

June goal: finish page one.

April 28, 15
May 28, 15

2. Blanket.
No new progress on my blanket.

June goal: add 4 rows. That's one a week.

3. Smalls.
Did not work on the birds. Not really sure why, they are so close to being done. I should just do it already!

I am almost finished with this bunny and balloon. Just working on the backstitch.

Did just a small bit on the rose heart.

June goal: finish the ones above and start these two new ones.

4. Christmas ornaments.
I am just about to give up on this goal. I can't seem to find any that I want to order.
I might just do a Christmas chart instead of ornaments.

5. Alpine Garden Mandala.
This is still on my wish list, but probably won't happen this year. I found a dragon chart that I really like so I may do it instead.

6. Blog.
Going OK I guess.

7. Budget.
No money spent in May.

June: order dragon chart and maybe a Christmas one. I also want to buy some fabric. I have none in my stash.

*Walking update.
Only walked 5 miles in May. This brings my total to 22 miles.  5026 miles to go!

June: need to walk more if I am ever going to get there!

*My pregnant onion.
In just one week since it's been in my care....
May 26, 15

June 1, 15


  1. Lovely progress on everything Sarah.


  2. Good progress I like the butterfly chart. Can't wait to see which Christmas chart you choose :)