Monday, February 2, 2015

January 2015 Goal Review

1. Goal: do 21 of 42 pages this year on Letting Go.

What was I thinking? There is no way this will happen. LOL. In order to reach this goal I would have to complete 1.75 pages a month. I only did 3400 stitches in January - not even a page. Since this is a very unrealistic goal for me I am updating my goal to better fit my stitching with just a little push. February goal for Letting Go is to finish page one. To do this I need to stitch 200 stitches a day. I'm currently stitching 100 stitches an hour so I need to commit 2 hours a day. I think I can do this.

2. Finish my crochet blanket this year.

I only worked on it for 30 minutes in January. February's goal: one hour a week.

3. Smalls from World of Cross Stitching magazine.

January's magazine came with a cute little desk calendar. Each month has a chart so this gives me lots to do before February's magazine comes out!

4. Christmas ornaments.

I don't plan to start these until July.

5. Alpine Garden Mandala.

I haven't bought the chart for this yet.

6. Blog.

I've been keeping up with this pretty good.

7. $25 a month budget.

I spent $3.22 on fabric at Michael's in January. Carry over $21.78 added to February's money gives me $46.78.

My other goals:
1. One a week recipe. I am doing this and taking photos on my "real" camera. I am behind on posting.

2. One a week photo. This is also being done with my real camera. The reason these have not been posted is that our computer is not feeling well and I am having to post everything from my phone. As soon as I can I will update those challenges.

Overall I think I'm on track with just that one adjustment on my HAED.


  1. Sounds like doable goals Sarah. Goals stress me out to much. I do whatever the day brings. Much better for me.


  2. I feel like I'd I don't set some goals I won't get anything done. I need the structure of a schedule.

  3. You have a lot of different goals for the year and I wish you well in completing them. Regarding the Joan Elliot Calendar, Mii Stitch is running a monthly SAL. If you want a bit more stress, why not try joining her? :)

    1. I was going to postpone the calendar charts because the February magazine has already arrived and because I don't have a large stash it's easier for me to do the ones that come as a kit. Her Jan and Feb pin keeps look amazing! I will definitely follow along and watch her charts come together. Maybe I will be able to start these on a month that a kit doesn't come with TWOCS.