Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Update

Stitchy Start SAL. This is my progress for the month of January on my Letting Go project. 40 hours of stitching completed.
It looks pretty good close up but in the big scheme of things it's just a tiny bit.....
It's approximately 3400 stitches of the 237,000. I had hoped to make better progress but I guess for stitching one handed it's not too bad LOL. Maybe I will find my groove in February.


  1. It's great progress! Why are you stitching one-handed? Do you always stitch that way? I am really in the HAED groove at the moment. That's a really beautiful chart you've chosen.

  2. Beautiful! I always stitch one-handed as well. I don't have anything to hold my stitching but my other hand which makes trying the two-handed thing kind of impossible...
    Have you decided on full stitches or tent stitches?

    1. Still haven't decided but Hubby thinks the tent stitches look better so probably go with that and frog the rest.

  3. It's wonderful progress, Sarah :-) I stitch one handed, too.

  4. Wonderful progress Sarah. I too, stitch one handed.


  5. I have always stitched with two hands on big projects that are in my floor frame. It just goes so much faster. I guess I'm doing OK then, if several of you are only using one hand LOL.

    For those who don't know.... There was an accident at work that crushed my right arm. It broke both bones in my forearm and the bone on my upper arm as well as partially amputated one of my fingers. My arm was caught in a conveyor belt and smashed between two rollers. I've had four surgeries. They put in three plates and 20 screws to hold my bones together. Because of all the nerve damage (and other damage) my arm was temporarily paralyzed. I go to physical therapy three days a week and I am gaining my mobility back slowly. Some days I feel like I will be OK and some days it hurts too much to think it will ever be normal again. I was hoping that getting back to cross stitching would help my progress and help take my mind off of the pain. Its great "mental therapy" but I sure am slower than I used to be.


  6. good weekend!
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