Saturday, October 3, 2015

September Review/October Goals

In September I made some good progress on my HAED, Letting Go.
August 30,15

Early in September I bought a new stitching frame and it has made working on this much easier.

I added quite a bit of just a couple (very similar) colors.

I am working on small ornaments (or gift tags) for my grandsons. I finished the E and will finish the A today or tomorrow.

I made visible progress on my Summer Birds.  I am hoping to have all four seasons done by June.

August 30, 15
September 30, 15

I finished this little boot....

October's Goals:
1. Continue working on HAED
2. Add 10 rows to my blanket
3. Finish blue snowflakes
4. Finish Festive Rudolph
5. Finish the A gift tag
6. Continue working on birds
7. Post at least weekly to this blog


  1. Great progress! Your Summer Birds are just gorgeous.

  2. There are some HEADs I would love to try just not brave enough yet, lol. Love the stitching they are all looking wonderful.