Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Daybook 10/7/15

Posting another Daybook entry. They really have become part of my daily routine and I enjoy it greatly.

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Today is: Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weather Report: at 7:35 am, 59F, cloudy this morning but clearing later. High today of 79F. 

In the news: Bahamas Islands "completely obliterated" by hurricane.

I am reading: 14 different blogs each day.

In the kitchen: I didn't like how the dinner roll recipe turned out yesterday. I really want a good yeast roll. I will keep searching and baking until I find the perfect one.

In the craft room: I only got a little bit done on "Letti" yesterday. Today I will work on the birds.

Around the house: all is quiet right now. Only one light on, dogs all asleep in my bed. I'm drinking a cup of hazelnut coffee as I journal. I love quiet mornings.

I am wearing: jeans and my "pain is weakness" T-shirt. Shoes on and laced up and already to go. (Even though I have no plans to go anywhere today LOL).

I am wondering: if I have enough yarn to finish my blanket. I think I will have to get more. I wish it wasn't so expensive. When I'm done it will be about $150 blanket. But it's so thick and cozy. I know we will enjoy it on our bed every winter for years to come.

Today's quote: "There is never a better measure of what a person is than what he does when he's absolutely free to choose." William M. Bulger

Today's motivation: "When you don't feel like doing anything is precisely when doing something will make you feel a whole lot better. Push through the weariness, push through the reluctance, enjoy the power and strength of creating your own momentum." Ralph Marston

One of my favorite things: watching the squirrels play in the yard and jump from tree to tree.

Today's Flight Plan:
1. Make a couple phone calls.
2. Remind R again to get stamps.
3. Cross stitch on my birds.
4. Next weeks menu and grocery list.
5. Vacuum and dust living room.


  1. Wonderful picture of the Squirrel and hope you get lots of stitching done today.

  2. Nice post :). I ever wear shoes in the house I go barefoot whenever possible