Monday, August 10, 2015

Camping, a little OCD and pot rugs

Hubby and I went camping this weekend. We love camping and go several times a year. With my obsessive list making and labeling we have everything ready to go....just add food and clothes and we can be on the road in 30 minutes!

I thought I'd share how we pack and store everything. (I know this is not new. I know lots of people do this. I just wanted to share.)

We pack everything in totes. The totes are labeled and stored all together making it easy to grab and go. There are 6 totes: Clothes, Bathroom, Dry Food, Pots and Pans, Dishes and Games/misc.

All the totes have a detailed list on the lid and a "basic" label on the side. I also have a master list in my Campfire Notes notebook. I will spare you the agony of reading the entire detailed list LOL. We take a lot of stuff!

This notebook is where all of our camp info is kept. Things like where we like to go, what tent site is our favorite, the menu and grocery list and scores for the never ending game tournament. We also write down our dreams and plans for the future. We drew floor plans for the new cabin in this book!

Of course there are things that can't go in a tote: tents, tarps, air bed, sleeping bags, chairs, folding table, cook stove, port-a-potty and ice chests.

It rains EVERY time we go anywhere. So we always prepare for it.  This weekend we had a little thunder storm pop up rather suddenly. Everything was tarped and we waited the storm out.

One of the crafty things I like to do is make rag rugs. I made rugs for the tents and for the dogs to lay on. This weekend we found ourselves using bath towels on the table to set the hot pots and pans on (so it won't melt the tablecloth LOL). It occurred to me that I could make little rag rugs for the table.  (Light bulb moment!) So today while it's fresh on my mind and before the next camping trip..... I'm making "pot rugs". 

I'm using a couple different rag rug styles. This is the one I made for the skillet. The one I'm working on next is for the griddle and will be braided. They are not fancy or particularly pretty but they will do the job. And I got to use some of the scrap fabric in my scrap box!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Coming home to reality is always the hard part.


  1. That looks like a great system, Sarah! My husband loves to camp, but I'm more of an indoor girl. Your rag rugs look great!

  2. I love camping too but haven't been in years. That's a great system I like the never ending game idea :)

  3. I would love camping, but it's something we just don't get to do very often. Should put that at the top of our "want to do" list for sure. You sound so organized. Nice how you can be ready to go so quickly. Love the rag rug idea. I love staying busy too.