Thursday, July 30, 2015

What's in that bag???

I have always had a thing for purses. I love looking at them, shopping for them... Buying them! But I'm not really one for carring one around LOL. Most of the time I just grab my phone and wallet.

Lately when I've been in town I have started to notice the purses other women carry. Some are so big I'm sure I could use them to pack for an over night stay somewhere. I tend to buy the smallest purse I can get away with, so all these large purses makes me wonder - what's in that bag?

Here's what's in mine.
1. A small note pad and pen.
2. Mirror and comb.
3. My little black wallet.
4. Sunscreen (I burn like crazy), lip gloss and Chap Stick.
5. A piece of Worthers coffee flavored candy.
6. And usually my phone but I used it to take the photo.

Anyone else want to share?


  1. I'm a purse hog, too; I'm always buying new purses, getting rid of old ones, buying more. Right now, I don't hardly ever carry a purse; I'm in the diaper bag years. But once in awhile I carry one, and it's always big. It has my planner in it, a couple of jewelry catalogs for the company I work for, my wallet, phone, comb, makeup, pens, Tylenol, and usually coupons in case I stop somewhere.

  2. I'm like you and I only pack what's absolutely necessary. My phone case even has a holder for my credit cards so that's all I take. Otherwise I'll pack my computer or stitching case depending on where I'll be.