Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Goal Review

1. HAED Letting Go.
Work on this project is slow. It's such a large piece that I can't take it anywhere with me. So the only time I can work on it is at home (and honestly, most of my time at home is spent in bed asleep ). But I did manage to do a little bit in April.

March 28, 15
April 28, 15

2. Finish my blanket.
I did get a few rows added to my blanket.

3. Smalls from TWOCS.
I have three smalls that I am working on.

4. Christmas ornaments.
I have been looking, but so far I haven't found any beaded ornaments that I want to order. I will keep looking and hopefully have these ready to start by July.

5. Alpine Garden Mandala.
I still haven't purchased this chart or any supplies for it. I am working on this though...
And here is my progress...

6. Blog 
I've been keeping up with my monthly posts and a few in between. I read others blogs daily. I have a couple new posts planned for very soon.

7. $25 Dollar Budget.
I don't seem to have a big spending problem. I didn't buy any new stitching stuff this month (again).

Overall a pretty progressive month for my goals. I hope to get the smalls done soon and start a few more. I want to get that page done on my HAED and will keep working on the birds.

xxxx Happy Stitching xxxx


  1. Some lovely little projects, Sarah. It's strange, but belonging to ANSS seems to have had a adverse effect on everyone stitching their chosen piece. Nevermind, we'll all get there in the end! :)

  2. I love your smalls in particular. Are you frogging that HAED? Not the easiest thing to do but I frogged one of mine at the start and have never regretted it.