Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Night Shift

Working the night shift is hard enough but having these sad eyes looking up at you as you get ready for work makes it that much harder. This is Pepper Jack, my wire haired terrior. He is the ultimate "momma's boy" and hates it when I have to leave for work. I've been told he pouts all night until I return in the morning.

Tonight I'm working on this little thing for my mom ( not my mo  LOL) finishing up the middle flowers and then will add the next M.

And.......midnight officially was the start of my Husband's birthday! So a very happy birthday to You my Love. May You have a great day and a very blessed year.


  1. OK....the time zone on my blog doesn't match where I am LOL. It says I posted at 10:49. Actually it's 12:49 for me on Wednesday the 28th.

  2. Happy birthday to your hubby! Lovely stitch you're working on for your mom. :-)
    Don't worry my puppies give me the same sad look even if I'm walking out of the room for 5 minutes!!