Thursday, January 8, 2015

Empty Nest

As much as I enjoy my free time and the peace of a quiet house, sometimes I miss my babies.

I've been reading some "mommy blogs" and I love hearing about their days and the ups and downs of being a new parent. I love all the photos of Halloween costumes, messy hands artwork and excited Santa wishes. And oh my goodness...who can resist the excitement of being 32 weeks pregnant! Don't forget those adorable newborn photos that melt you heart.

All of that makes me look back on the days when my kids were little. I loved being home with them. I loved sippy cups and blankies, bedtime snuggles and even watching 101 Dalmatians or Barney 50 times a day.

My planner used to be filled with sports schedules and band trips and now it's reminders to "take your meds" and "pay bills".

It was bound to happen. After all, kids grow up and leave home. I'm so proud of them! They have grown into incredible young men.

Most of the time I'm content having an empty nest. I sleep when I want, watch what I want on TV. There's no late night ball games or parent/teacher meetings. And I have all the stitching time I want! But sometimes, like today, I just miss my babies.

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