Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Crochet WIPs and a UFO

Along with my Stitchy New Start I hope to complete this blanket I started last year for my Husband. I put it aside because the yarn is expensive, but with my new craft budget I will put it back in the works. When done it will cover our queen size bed. It is stitched with two threads at a time and is very heavy.

Before then.... I will finish this scarf for my mom.

In order for me to work on Letting Go, I will be taking this off my frame. It's an eagle I started a couple of years ago and have only been sort of working on it. So....down it comes and will packed away for another day.


  1. Goodness you don't start any small projects do you?! The blanket is beautiful. I am envious of your perfect crocheting!!

  2. LOL far from perfect but I do like doing it. I have been known to start a few large projects. It may take me a long time but I eventually finish them. Four months ago I had an accident at work that crushed my right arm leaving it broken in several places and temporarily paralyzed. Four surgeries, three plates, twenty screws and therapy three times a week and I have gained some movement now. My arm is moving pretty good though painfully. I have less movement in my fingers so every craft project takes great effort. I hope I stitch fast enough to keep up good progress in the new year.

    1. Um wow!! I have even more appreciation for the work you've done. Doesn't look like it's holding you back too much. I do hope the pain subsides some more for you.
      Keep your chin up! We're all fumbling around here with you lol :-)

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  4. I am learning to do everything left/one handed. Thank goodness for stitching frames and husbands who are willing to go above and beyond to help. LOL

  5. Hi Sarah! I'm part of a New Stitchy Start, too, so I wanted to join you on your other blog. Your crochet is beautiful; I love the colors. I hope you continue to heal; don't rush anything and keep doing what you can.

  6. Thank you so much. I know it's healing but some days it feels like it's going to last forever.